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Cinderela B Designer Interview

Posted on July 24 2015

Cinderela B is run by a dedicated team in a charming Spitalfields studio in East London. Founded by Rachel Jackson in 2006, Cinderela B was the result of a life changing trip to Brazil and today each item in their collection is a small homage to the vibrancy and glamour of South America. The team welcomed Hoochie Mama into their beautiful HQ to chat more about the inspiration behind the brand and what plans they have for the future. 

Watch our exclusive interview with the team behind this gorgeous British jewellery brand.

Sophie Tanner - Production Manager & Freya Nicholson - Studio Manager

How did Cinderela B start?

The owner, Rachel Jackson, decided she wanted a career break, wanted to go travelling and so bought herself a round the world ticket. She went to Rio carnival and met some friends there. They introduced Rachel to their mum who is Cinderela Brancante and the brand is named after Cinderela. Cinderela taught Rachel how to make jewellery, took her to all the amazing bead shops and all the little boutiques in Rio. When she got back to the UK she decided that she wanted to do this for the rest of her life and started to create the label Cinderela B. Got herself a stall on the Spitalfields Market just over the road and the rest is history!

Founder Rachel Jackson with her beautiful little dog, and the Cinderela B team.

 What inspires the team?

We always look back to where the brand started so Rachel had the idea for the brand in South America. A lot of the charms and motifs are inspired by Brazilian nature and particularly Brazilian insects. So we’ve got butterflies, dragonflies, and our hummingbird that is our signature charm that we have on our logo. Also, our honeybee has been getting a lot of press recently and I think it’s still to date our biggest selling collection. The bee is nice because as well as it being a pretty insect it also helps raise awareness of the bee. Bees support our ecosystem and they’re dying out so Cinderela B is trying to give back to the bees.

 Cinderela B signature hummingbird.


Who is the Cinderela B customer?

The Cinderela B customer is an intelligent girl who’s looking for something a little bit unusual, something that you can’t find on the high street. She also really values the fact that everything’s made in the UK and everything is sourced in the UK. She’s probably into layering and wants to put outfits together that go against the grain but also mixes high street and designer.

How has Cinderela B been received by press and bloggers?

So over the last year or so Cinderela B has been getting some attention from bloggers which is obviously brilliant for us because they are great at showing how our jewellery can be worn to our target consumer. Most recently we’ve had Olivia from What Olivia Did. Daisy Butter, she has a really large following, doing quintessentially English products. The lovely Tasha who is behind Girl In The Lens and often features our signature hummingbird charm.

We’ve also recently been featured in the Independent and the Evening Standard, and the Metro as well, which has really helped raise our brand awareness.

cinderela b bee

 Cinderela B - 22 Carat Gold Plated Kissing Bees Bangle - hand made and sourced in the UK


What is the greatest achievement for Cinderela B so far?

In the last year we got picked to be one of 10 designers in a Best of British campaign by Goldsmiths. So that was good publicity for us, people started talking about us, it gave our stockists and customers a lot of faith in us that we were backed by quite a prestigious jewellery brand. So that was really brilliant and I think that’s really helped the brand grow quickly.

Because the brand has been growing quickly we’ve also found that we’ve been able to keep up with the demand and still keep everything sourced in the UK and made in-house which is something we’re really proud of, that we don’t need to outsource anything. We’ve also just launched our brand new website that shows off our product really nicely, it’s really fresh and exciting.

What does the future hold for Cinderela B?

We’d like to increase our stockists. We’ve got 150 at the moment so hopefully we’ll be able to get into more fashion led designer shops and then hopefully we’ll be able to branch out into the international market as well.  And then we really want to plan on getting our website really well known and also hopefully we’ll be doing a lot more collaborations because we’ve really enjoyed the ones we’ve been doing this year.


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