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Designer Interview: Rianna Phillips

Posted on July 24 2015

Rianna Phillips accessories are all hand made in Britain. The fabrics are printed locally in Manchester, England and the designs are 100% original Rianna Phillips creations.

The inspirations behind her eye catching prints are cultivated from two constant themes that combine and contrast beautifully: Organic and Synthetic. Masculine stainless steel bolts and rivets are intentionally placed side by side with bright feminine hand drawn florals, creating one off 3D style textures which are digitally printed onto fabrics.

We have been fortunate enough to have a chat with the amazing Rianna Phillips about her brand, where it started and her inspiration. This is what we asked her...


Where did it all begin?

It began at uni, I did an Art Foundation year here I began to dabble in fashion and Textiles. I then went on to study 'Textile Design for Fashion', both of these courses were at Manchester School of Art. When I graduated I knew that i couldn't do any other career, it had to be fashion/textiles.

Favourite moment or highlight so far?

I hit a high quite early on, it was all a bit backwards. One of my bags got into Marie Claire UK only a few months after the business got going and I had never been so excited in all my life!


Where do you take inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from travel. I'm off on a trip to Australia and Bali next week and can't wait to see what it brings. What ever country I visit I tend to have a camera attached to my hand at all times! Once I've got the starting point/theme i mood-board ideas. This is my ultimate favorite part of designing. I've recently added content about this to my website to share my findings.


How does that translate to products?

Images taken whilst traveling will either be broken into components and used as elements within prints or sometimes stay entirely as a photographic image. Like on the Byron portfolio clutch for example. The byron print was a snap from a trip to Crystal Castle, a beautiful temple and garden just outside of Byron Bay, Australia. The Finchley print has broken up elements photographed from a range of places such as London, Dominican Republic, Malta and Manchester (my home town).


Why accessories, would you consider clothing?

I chose accessories because I really enjoy creating engineered print design for the exact shape of a clutch bag, it's like designing a piece of abstract art that customers get to carry around with them, each print suiting a different mood or personality. One day clothes will follow


What is your favourite thing about your brand?

Everything! I enjoy the job inside out, there are highs, lows, exciting times, amazing times and I feel incredibly luck that this is my job.


Where do you see the brand in 3 years time?

I love that my products are stocked at boutiques around the world so in 3 years time I'd like to see more countries stocking them and widen the availability. I get shoppers buying from our e-boutique from countries where I have no official stockists yet. At present they are available in China, Japan, Australia, England and the USA.


It's clear that a lot goes into each product, creating unique, high quality pieces. To shop her collection click on the link below and discover her incredible collections.

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