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Animal Jewellery For Your Inner Jungle Queen

Posted on August 31 2015

How much do you love animals? We are absolutely bonkers for them here at Hoochie Mama hence our pretty impressive range of animal themed pieces from various designers. Whether you want a golden Rhino head pendant or a Bee ring, we are here to help feed your animal cravings with some truly unique designs.

Have you ever wondered what your favourite animal means? Think of these animals as an extension of yourself, and empower yourself with the spirit of the animal you chose to wear. It sounds a bit crazy, we know, but each species has a powerful meaning and we have looked into what each of these represent.

Here are our top five pieces and the meaning of the animal featured…


Bill Skinner Silver Elephant Ring

Whilst this ring is adorable and dainty, elephants are anything but little. This beast of the jungle and desert represents strength. Giving off an air of authority, elephants don’t let others take charge. Next time you’re losing a battle, glance down at this ring and think ‘what would an elephant do?’.


Just B Belle Queen of Hearts Red Leather Bag

Bee’s are a massive trend lately, not only are they the symbol of Manchester (where Hoochie Mama HQ is located) but they are also said to represent Kama, the god of love. So if you’re in need of a good luck charm when it comes to romance then we recommend adorning yourself in bee’s head to toe. Fear not as we have some excellent bee themed pieces just like this Just B Belle Leather bag with an integrated phone charger so you never lose that connection to the world. Shop all of our Bee products here.


Bill Skinner Gold Wild Horse Bangle

Now horses are majestic and proud. With an elegance we could only hope to exude, the horse manages to effortlessly portray a regal feel. This beautiful bangle by Bill Skinner is 18ct gold plated and will add a touch of class to any outfit.


Karen Mabon Yellow Swinging Cat Necklace

Cat’s seem to have it pretty easy. Lounging around all day, they offer us a symbolic reminder to just ‘be’. Be happy and confident in yourself and take a bit of ‘me’ time, just like cats do everyday. These felines know exactly how to stand their ground too. Next time you don’t want to do something dig your heels in in true cat-style and say ‘no’!. This cute necklace is sure to empower these feline feelings and also help earn you major style points.



Karen Mabon Mabel Stark Tiger Tamer Silk Scarf

Tigers are fierce, confident and sensual. These three words sum up one sassy individual. Take note from the tigers empowering stride to help give you courage when you need it most. What better way to take inspiration from this striped feline than to wear this gorgeous circus-themed silk scarf by Karen Mabon?


Animal cravings still not satisfied? Browse our full range here. It’s cheaper than going on safari...

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