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Jewellery Packing Hacks

Posted on September 14 2015

Knowing you’ve got a holiday or weekend away booked is just pure bliss. But actually packing for the holiday is probably the part you look forward to the least. It often ends with all your jewellery being strewn into a little bag leading to a lengthy untangle mission upon arrival at the destination. Well, let us ease these worries with a few helpful jewellery packing tips to make the process a little less stressful and keep your jewels organised in transit. You can thank us later.


It’s fair to say that there is nothing worse than a tangled necklace (in jewellery terms anyway). Slip your necklace through a straw and this becomes a problem of the past! Don’t believe us? try it and see for yourself. This worked a treat with The Branch Lotus Flow Necklace and The Cabinet Beetle Pendant Necklace.


Securing your earrings onto quirky buttons is a cute and convenient way to keep pairs together. The pairs we used benefitting here are Cinerela B Pineapple Earrings,  Cabinet Gold Beetle Studs and Bill Skinner Hexagon Bee Earrings.

Pill Box

This is a great way to plan your jewellery looks ahead or to simply keep them organised! We filled ours with Cinerela B Pineapple Necklace, Bill Skinner Jungle Heart Ring, Mirabelle Gold Ring, Cabinet Gold Beetle Studs.

Wine Corks

If you need an excuse to drink more wine (we probably don't) then here it is. Repurpose old corks by prodding earrings into them and keeping the backs in a small plastic bag, it’s a great way to keep them in place for a trip away. We packed ours with Mirabelle Gold Pearl Mata EarringsCinderela B Honey Bee Earrings and Bill Skinner Hare Studs.


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