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What is Rhodium?

Posted on December 05 2016

Within Hoochie Mama’s new jewellery range we have been working with Rhodium.
Rhodium Mama Necklace

“What is Rhodium?” I hear you say.

Well, Rhodium is a rare silvery-white metal found in the middle of the periodic table which makes it a transitional metal. It is the rarest of all non-radioactive metals on Earth. Annual production of rhodium is extremely limited. Only about 25 tonnes of rhodium are mined each year compared to the around 2,350 tonnes of gold.
Found in the Platinum family, Rhodium is close buddies with Iron, Silver, Copper and Gold.
Rhodium Thistle Ring

Which is better Rhodium or Silver?

One of the best things about Rhodium is the fact that it is hypoallergenic. Often used as a thin layer to improve the appearance of White Gold, and plated on Sterling Silver to increase tarnish resistance. Therefore with Rhodium you needn’t worry about your hands going green or yellow over time and you certainly won’t have any Nickel allergy problems with it.
Rhodium is great for jewellery. Like the modern day Mama it doesn’t mess about; it is strong and tough with a high melting point. With its durability and sophisticated finish, it is no wonder that we’ve included it in our ranges.
Rhodium Lucy Clover Shamrock Earrings

How to clean Rhodium plated jewellery?

Never use any abrasive materials or chemicals. Don’t use a toothbrush. Simply use a soft polishing cloth and a simple jewellery cleaner to keep the pieces longevity.

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